People Development


People development is at the core of our business theme. Our people development approach is based on the Learning Process Model.


Learning Process Model



Journey Stage 1Unconscious Incompetence to Conscious Incompetence

This stage of the learning evolution happens through pre-work, quiz to check your understanding, defining action standards, case studies and classroom training.

Journey Stage 2Conscious Incompetence to Conscious Competence

During this stage the learning happens during classroom training through exercises, cases, role plays. Subsequently, the learnings are reinforced through on-the-job coaching by the supervisor and also through ecube coaches. Execution of individual projects are also an integral part of the learning process.

Journey Stage 3Conscious Competence to Unconscious Competence

This stage is critical where the newly adopted ways of working becomes a way of life for the learner. This transition happens through on-the-job application of the new ways of working and through usage of self-development guide and tools.