Web-based Learning

Web based learning is increasingly becoming a preferred option for many organizations keeping in mind the effectiveness of e-learning solution, the flexibility it offers to the learner, and the important aspect of costs and logistics which are inevitable for an Instructor-led training in a classroom.


We bring in strong functional sales knowledge as SME and a deep understanding of the e-learning medium and the various levels of e-learning,  ranging from a basic page-turner to a highly interactive product, to create a powerful web based learning solution for clients.

The typical Levels of e-learning products we develop are as follows:

Level 1 – A basic e-learning module that teaches concepts with help of graphics and text. It has no to minimum interactivity and tests learner’s understanding with use of quizzes. This is usually knowledgeware – communication of process or steps.

Level 2 – Besides all features of Level 1, this e-learning module includes use of rich media (combination of audio-video), animations, scenarios, real-life case studies and examples. This is usually skillware or advanced knowledgeware.

Level 3 –Besides features of level 2, this also includes simulations, practicing concepts in safe environment, case study based testing and assessment. This usually uses both audio and video to ensure high degree of retention and engagement.

Level 4 – Besides features of level 3, this also includes game based and scenario based learning complex case study based testing and assessment. This has high-end synthesis driven learning with engagement component being video and 2D / 3D animations.


Our e-learning products are Flash based and Scorm Compliant.