An effective GTM or Go-To-Market can have a significant impact on making sales more productive and ensure that we can realize the full potential from each relevant channel, and maximize shares. With the complexity of the India Trade structure, the right GTM plays a critical role in the journey to maximizing the market share. A GTM strategy is important for success in today’s rapidly changing retail landscape due to:

  1. Rapid SKU proliferation
  2. Changing profiles and demands/expectations of retailers
  3. Competitive scenario and actions
  4. Costs and productivity needs


Based on shopper insights and the channel mix, we partner in developing the right GTM for organizations. The right GTM solution for a company depends on multiple factors:

  1. Channel/customer sophistication
  2. Selling complexity
  3. Selling and delivery effectiveness
  4. Merchandising effectiveness
  5. Cost efficiency


Our approach to building the GTM strategy is founded on three dimensions:

  1. What to sell?
  2. Who to sell?
  3. How to sell?