People Development

Competency Definition & Mapping

Defining sales competencies is a first step towards building a sales organization with right people in right roles.
Competencies need to clearly defined with sharply defined descriptors, for each sales role to bring clarity about the expect expectations from the sales person.
Typically, organizations’ need for defining competencies stem from the following situations –

1) Competencies are not defined at all or are loosely defined
2) Global competencies master is available but these are not customized for India
3) Competencies list is available but the descriptors are not clearly defined
4) Competencies and descriptors need to be revisited to make them relevant for current context/evolution of the company and the industry
5) The master list of competencies is too large and need to be prioritized and made relevant

We follow a 5 stage process to define the right competencies and map them to the right roles for the sales structure.