One of our core strengths is in the domain of training videos. Videos act as a powerful tool for training frontline sales force including distributor salesmen, sales officers, Managers. We make videos covering a wide range of subjects. These are:

  1. Customized training videos
  2. Communication videos (by senior management)
  3. Process communication video
  4. Product launch training videos

Over the last few years we have made hundreds of customized video-based training programs across organizations for various levels of the sales structure, and some of the topics are:

  1. Sales Call Process
  2. On The Job Coaching
  3. Conducting team meeting
  4. Conducting Joint Business Planning discussion with Distributor
  5. Sharing constructive feedback
  6. Launching a new product
  7. Persuasion and Objection Handling

We have in-house experts for developing the storyboard for videos, making the video scripts, coordinating with video agencies for the shoot & coordination with agency for post-production activities.


We have a team of agencies and actors who have been involved in making video based training programs over the last 10 years.
Please click here to see some sample videos.