People Development

Customized Training

Enhancing competencies of the team to keep pace with changes in strategies and market environment requires training programs that are customized to the organization.
We develop customized training programs for all levels of the sales organization – starting from distributor salesmen, to sales supervisors, sales officers, Sales Managers, Trade Marketing Team, Regional Sales Managers.
Our programs are designed for variety of channels – Traditional Trade, Modern Trade, Urban, Rural, Wholesale.
We use a proprietary 5-D approach for designing and delivering customized training programs.



Diagnose the real need, basis the challenges, gaps and opportunities.
Define the program framework.
Design the customized program using relevant methodology and kit.
Deliver the program to the target audience.
Developa process health check and projects to enable participants post- program to make the concepts and techniques a way of life


To enhance the effectiveness and impact of the programs we develop customized videos, animations and audio tools, customized case studies and exercises, and interactive games.
Some key features of our training programs are –

a) The training programs are centred on the participant
b) By the end of the program, participants know exactly what to do to achieve certain results or to bring about certain behavioural changes
c) The motivation to learn and grow is stimulated in a big way, that ensures participant development and growth even after the program is over
d) Exposes participants to a memorable learning experience leading to the development of certain competencies that they can use in all areas of their lives
e) Addresses actual issues faced by individuals and organizations and helps in overcoming challenges

Ecube has the bandwidth to deliver training programs across India, in local languages, through its pool of trainers who have the necessary first hand sales background and training experience.
Our customized training videos form an integral part of a video-based training program which follows a robust 10-stage process.
For example, for a typical sales call process video, each step of the sales call is addressed as follows

Stage 1 – Objective of the Step

Stage 2 – Wrong Way Video demonstration

Stage 3 – Discussion regarding the video with participants

Stage 4 – Wrong Way Video Summary

Stage 5 – Discussion on Principles and Techniques

Stage 6 – Right Way Video demonstration

Stage 7 – Discussion regarding the video with participants

Stage 8 – Right Way Video Summary

Stage 9 – Exercise on the activity (case study, role play, etc)

Stage 10 – Summary of Key Learnings of the Step

This structure has been appreciated and used widely across different organizations